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The visionary

I don’t exactly know how to start this post, I’ve been trying to write this since Morning. Steve Jobs is dead, and I’m lost in misery.  Steve has been an inspiration, a childhood hero and has been a huge influence in what I do today. I may very well say that my life and career have profoundly been affected by Steve and his works.  I looked up to Steve and believed that someone as insignificant as I am is capable of great things. People who know me know very well what my thoughts on Apple products are. I don’t think I will ever own an Apple product, but that doesn’t stop me from lamenting Steve’s death.It’s a choking feeling nonetheless and I feel devastated. The moment I heard Steve is resigning from his post as Apple CEO, I was lost and I wished that Steve should be fine. I never ever gave any thoughts about his resignation is in light of an imminent death. My brain actively refused to think so. Somehow I wished Steve would be there, a bit ill and unable to act as usual, but will be there. Universe loves screwing people’s wishes it turns out. I owe you much Steve, Thank You. Rest in peace, you will linger on in the memories of millions of us. Without you, Apple will, just like its logo, be incomplete forever.




  1. Without you, Apple will, just like its logo, be incomplete forever. TRUE that..

  2. Personally, I found his speech to be touching and motivational..specially, cant forget his Stanford speech.. RIP

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