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Hiya folks it’s been ages since I last had something to boast about in this blog. Well, the reason has a lot to do with my new year’s resolution. Usually I never have any resolutions for the new year because I already know I’m never going to stick to them. My life so far has been an improvised one. Never had any plans, never sticked to existing plans. Only thing I did intentionally was the career I chose. I chose it with all my knowledge, thought it out  thoroughly and never regretted for a second so far and never will. Besides that, everything else was sheer dumb luck!

One of the fundamental flows that I have, which took me a degree in computer science to find out, is that I am a passionate procrastinator. I know I am not a unique one out there with this ‘disease’. I have been procrastinating on the idea of eliminating procrastination since 2005. The need to eliminate it came very recently when I put a lot of people’s plans in jeaopardy owing to my precious procrastination.


A good friend of mine has his own Software Development Company and builds softwares for his clients. He outsourced one of his projects to me due to some scheduling conflicts and wanted me to finish it in three weeks time. The part I had to do was a simple one and required only about 5 to 6 days of effort to complete. But being a natural procrastinator, I spent all three weeks knowing I could finish it in a few days. When the last days came, I was seriously down with a viral flu and could barely open my eyes.  It took me sometime to recover and I was already too late when I wrapped it up. At the end, the client was so mad, he almost pulled the plug on the project. The part I had to do was simple, the hardest part was done by my friend and he had been working on the project for over two months before he gave the rest for me to wrap up.  Not only all his efforts were lost to my procrastination,  it tarnished the image of his company as well. He was generous enough not to take it seriously, but it’s a serious thing nonetheless.

So this year’s resolution is to let go of my procrastination and seek redemption for all my sins caused by procrastination!  Let’s hope all things go well. I have a few projects that I started an year back  and put to rest. First thing would be to take out all those unfinished code and do justice to them. The next would be to start reading a few books I’ve been having on my to-do list for way too mcuh time. This year I plan to read at least 20 technical books and few other non fiction works in Thamil. I used to be an avid reader, but as I grew up, I lost interest in real books and switched to reading in Wikipedia and other online sources. But in my personal view, nothing beats reading a book from start to finish. Wish me luck guys.


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