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Welcome to “Just another crap-ass blog”. Why on earth would I start a blog? That is a question that I have been trying to answer for a while now. The possible answers include “coz it’s trendy”, “coz the world is in need of my precious intellect”, “creative (?) time pass”, “coz I’m the next big thing that happened to web after…well, since its inception”, “coz I have something worth sharing”..the list is long guys, belive me. But here I am, blogging, period. I wanted this blog to be my virtual self on net. So what that means to you is that you can expect stuff from my professional opinions on the world changing affairs like “How to tip better” to my rants on FOSS, Java, Linux and everything in between. So you better stay at a safe distance and be prepared if you are allergic to reading nonsense :D. I used to have another blog at But the procrastinator inside of me just couldn’t live with the fact that I started a blog and posted some stuff on it. I named this blog “Think Libre” because I am a strong believer and an ardent fan of Free Software Movement. I believe that the principles of Free Software are a good place to find how people take their freedom for granted. Let’s just say I happened to have a distaste for taking things for granted. I believe the change should happen in individuals’ thinking. Richard Stallman (you know, the Free Software guy) once told that “Free Software movement will win when people value their freedom too much to go for proprietary software”. Yup you heard the long sentence, just know it has something to do with the title of this blog. I am not an intellect or a philosopher or a tech guru, whatever I post here would be as half baked as I personally am. There goes my disclaimer. That said, well let’s see how I battle my in-built procrastinator and actually blog once in a while. Thanks Tharshy, Janahan and Chanux for snapping me out of too much laziness, without whose constant annoyances, I wouldn’t even have thought of starting my own blog. There I said the names, if any of you readers have any vengeance against me owing to this blog, go find these dudes and whack the hell out of them!

P.S: I just realised I have the same theme for blog as Chanux.  Co-incidence dude, co-incidence 😛



  1. Woot! Finalleh!! You are on bloggosphere!!!.

    Hope to see more interesting stuffing coming in the future.


  2. He he…. Hmmm…what are u blogging about here…. huh…. This stuff is boring, who cares why u are here, write something else that can make something useful…lol….

    well…. ” get the picture ” anns….

    good work (??????)


  3. Nice to see u here..
    Hmm..after WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2008..cant wait this much of time for a post man.. 😉
    All the best Buddy..keep rocking..

  4. wellcome back to blogging since you been dead silent in your other blog.
    Well it doesn’t seeems this is “Just another crap-ass blog” since it talks about FOSS. As a true FOSS lover I wish you good luck bro. Cheers!!! 🙂

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